What the Business Partners Say about working with Yapasa

Enish Chipungu of Better Changes Agro Ltd in Kasama, Northern Province, talks about her business, introducing the Community Agrodealer model under Yapasa's Last Mile Inputs Distribution intervention. Click on the image to view the video

Enish Chipungu

Better Changes Agro Ltd

Abbi Chabala of Pakeyeloba Hatchery in Solwezi, NorthWestern Province, talks about his business and how Yapasa supported him to introduce a last mile inputs distribution model through Community Fingerling Nurseries. Click on the image to view the video

Abbi Chabala

Pakeyeloba Hatchery

Abraham Susiku talks about the challenges he faced gettign Wamis Agroseed established as a young entrepreneur, how he got into partnership with Yapasa and the benefits of establishing a community level aggregation service. Click on the image to view the video.

Abraham Susiku,

Wamis Agroseed

Timothy Ngoma, of MBOCS in Mpongwe District, talks about the cooperative, the business of aggregating soya and groundnuts and their partnersip with Yapasa. Click on the image to view the video.

Timothy Ngoma

Mpongwe Bulima Organic Cooperative Society